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“I believe that understanding the origin of our reactivity & how it has become embedded in our nervous system can initiate deep healing & substantially reduce our threat response”

Ruth Levin-Vorster


Relationships are challenging for everyone and as a Facilitator I am passionate about enabling healthier, happier, more authentic, more honest, more meaningful and more joyful relationships.

I run group and individual sessions to develop self-awareness in stressful relationships and bring emotions into balance with compassion.

I combine creative processes with scientific theory to unlock deep insight into you and your loved ones (and feared ones) in order that you can arrive more authentically in your relationships. Dominantly you will learn to understand the reactivity embedded into your nervous system, its origins and their influence. Then with awareness and practice we work to shift the patterning into one that is healthier and more robust. Compassion forms a key component of this repatterning.

On paper I am both a creative (having been a theatre director for 15 years in London and South Africa – MA in Theatre & Performance, University of Cape Town) and a scientist (currently writing up my PhD in Neuroscience in the Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health at the University of Cape Town). I think of myself as a teacher, enabler, philosopher and student of and on all things relational. As I teach I grow, as I grow I teach.

For the long version of my career see my CV. For the short version – I was a theatre director and educator for 15 years before moving into facilitation and mediation to cultivate connection with self and others. I began by taking adapted theatre processes into the corporate and public sector to cultivate self-awareness, empathy and connection within individuals and teams. After being introduced to the field of interpersonal neurobiology in 2014 I began to upskill myself with courses in social and positive psychology, mindfulness and interpersonal neurobiology and became an Accredited Mediator. I began to formulate my ideas about social cohesion and trauma and presented at conferences in South Africa and Switzerland, advocating for programs in self-awareness and empathy. In 2016 in response to the social climate in South Africa ignited through the #FeesMustFall movement, I developed a Theatre-Based Relational Health intervention to develop self-awareness, emotion-regulation and self-compassion related to one’s relational patterning and reactivity – to improve relational health. This led to my PhD in Neuroscience of which I am in my final leg. I am the recipient of the Oppenheimer Memorial Trust Scholarship for doctoral students.

In my own life journey I have learnt to deeply attune to the reactivity patterned into my nervous system, to understand the stories woven into my perspective lens, to integrate the different and often juxtaposing parts of me – to heal where healing has been deeply sought.

Foremost I love people – diversity is essential for my equilibrium. I love art, reading, nature, travel and social connection. I require a regular dose of all of these things in different amounts depending on the context of my life or stressors within it.

My personal philosophy is simpleI believe in people and their capacity for growth and healing. I stand for equality and fairness. I advocate for compassionate relationships. I endeavour to be present, self-aware and kind, both to myself and others.