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Thanks for facilitating such deep insights in these last few weeks, and doing it so caringly, with a feeling of being embraced and not judged at all. I've had some more insights… about how the subliminal internalization of racism impacts children into their adulthood. …as a child, as it was so all encompassing and obvious to a child to see what was happening around them. Then, realizing it was wrong, and fighting against that as I grew up, and against the fact that it had been internalized - that was the most enraging aspect - the erosion of self-worth, that one has to fight so consciously against, which remains in our context of cultural hegemony. …this societal trauma still plays out, and will not disappear until nuggeted with gold... or other self-regulating techniques. A deep healing is needed in our country.  You need to take this forward somehow is my request.