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The Theatre-Based Relational Health Framework

I facilitate an understanding of your emotional triggers in personal, family and professional relationships & teach tools to manage your reactivity in these relationships.

The work cultivates self-awareness, emotion regulation, self-compassion and empathy.

I combine creative processes with interpersonal theory from biological psychology and social neuroscience.

Individual sessions: 
9 sessions
Groups:  6 weeks

You will learn to understand:
  • Your unique reactivity and how it shows up in your body, emotions and thought patterns
  • How early care-giving dynamics are patterned within your nervous system
  • A tool to bring your emotions into balance and to help you feel safe and grounded
  • Different and often contradictory parts of yourself and how to make linkages between them.
  • The myriad of influences that have created your perspective lens.
  • An embodied experience of having a conversation when you are triggered and when you feel safe and supported
  • Empathy and compassion for self and other
  • Self-care activities unique to you

Online – Groups are limited to 4 people
In-Person – Groups are limited to 12 people